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Shadows' fans have enjoyed thirteen years of Bruce Welch organising Shadowmania.

This site is being maintained for the benefit of Shadows' fans worldwide, with the blessing of Bruce Welch, as it contains an abundance of information about the previous fourteen Shadowmanias for everyone to access and read.

We had all hoped that Shadowmania would go on forever, but sadly at the end of 2012 we learnt from Bruce that this would be the last Shadowmania for the time being. It would indeed be very sad if this was really the case as the successful Shadowmania Weekend had become the annual pilgrimage for over 1,000 Shadows' fans who travelled from various countries to attend. It was an annual reunion of family and friends and Bruce organised a superb production of talented musicians including performing in his own band, which all helped to make Shadowmania a success. We hope therefore that Bruce may be persuaded in the future to revive Shadowmania or indulge us in some other fomat to enjoy the music again.

In 2012 a petition was signed by the majority of attendees who wished for the event to be continued at the same venue. This was taken note of and for the last two years, with Bruce's aknowledgment, The Lakeside Management have organised similar musical weekends which were well attended and enjoyed by the loyal fans who came.

This year 'In Celebration of The Shadows' organised by The Lakeside will take place on 25th and 26th September 2015. The poster advertising this weekend with all the details of the Friday Pre-Event and Saturday Show is below and also on www.lakesidesurrey.co.uk


In addition to the Saturday, following numerous requests from previous attendees to enjoy an extra evening's entertainment, a Friday Night Shadows Celebration Party will once again be organised for anyone who would like to join us. This will provide the opportunity to enjoy an excellent carvery meal in the restaurant and for any guitarist/vocalist to perform the cabaret afterwards.

Full details for this Friday Night Shadows Celebration Party can be found in Tickets.